No more scheduled Calls

No more scheduled Calls

Over the past few months, I regularly had days during which I was in calls back to back for 8h+ per day. 🥵 And while I love to connect with founders, partners, our team and our portfolio, I realized that this very dense schedule often took a lot more energy than expected.

What drives me in my role at Tomahawk.VC 🏎 is to be able and support our portfolio companies and to get excited about new ideas and new connections everyday.

I realized that the amount of calls in my calendar often kept me from being at my best when it was most crucial. I've realized that a lot of the communication can happen asynchronously without compromising on quality.

Shifting more communication toward asynchronous channels will allow me more flexibility to allocate energy within the week to what's most crucial - not what had been planned first.

I've decided to not have any (planned) calls for the time being.

Instead of calls, message me on Twitter and we'll chat there.

As this is an experiment, please be open and upfront with any feedback. 🤙

- Cédric


What will I do with the time that's freed up?

One thing remains - communication makes for the majority of how I can create value and I'll spend the bulk of my time either thinking or communicating my thoughts. In that sense, not much changes. But not having calls scheduled allows me to allocate my time with more flexibility. And by moving some conversations from synchronous to asynchronous channels, some of the conversations can be more efficient.

We already have a call scheduled - what will happen?

We may have scheduled a call already - either a one-off occurrence or a standing call. I'll message you and we'll find another way to communicate. Also, I'll make a few exceptions for the first couple weeks - if our calendar invite isn't canceled, I'll be there. 😉

I have something to discuss with you - how will we communicate?

I realize that asynchronous communication is often the more efficient tool to clarify and discuss things. You can reach me via Whatsapp, Slack or Twitter. 🐦 I will still have calls and meetings but most of them will not be planned. If we are chatting via the above channels and realize it'd be easier to jump on a call, we will.

Some things are easier said than written - what should I do in that case?

Send me a voice message. 🗣

We previously had a standing call - was anything wrong?

There was nothing wrong with our call per-se but rather with the amount of recurring calls on my calendar kept growing. Let's give asynchronous communication a go and see how it works for us! 💪

Will you ever take calls again - if so, when?

Like most of my experiments, this one also doesn't have a defined end date. Rather, the way I approach it is to start, learn and iterate. I will update this page with my learnings and adjustments. ✍️