👶 Life in General

Less is More

You can do anything if you're focused. Do one thing at a time and excel at it.

Pack Less. Experience More.

"Things" are a distraction. Use tools but avoid maintenance. Focus on people, passions and projects. Memories are made to last, things will break and vanish.

Act on What Matters

Set priorities and act on them. Realize that you can only do so much. Communicate your priorities to those who matter, they'll help you.

Be As Transparent As Possible (Without Hurting Anyone)

We advance more efficiently if we share our experiences, learnings and world views. Be brutally open and share. Be vulnerable, that's where life becomes interesting.

Deal with Reality

Whether you call them problems, hiccups or ups & downs, the only thing that matters about challenges is how we react to them. Don't spend time on excuses, focus on solutions.

Go Big or Go Home

Life's too short not to try. Bet big, give it everything. Fail often, make big wins, become legendary. Don't try, do.

Fight or Let Go

Most things in life don't come easy. Focus your energy. Either go after it or let it go. Don't dwell.

Focus on Work-Life Alignment Instead of Work/Life Balance

Instead of trying to 'not work', find work that is so fulfilling that it doesn't feel like work and more like a calling.

Gut Feeling Beats Brains

My brain is good at small decisions but my gut and heart are capable of making big decisions. While my initial reaction is often to use my head to try and bend the reality, I know that the answers lay in my heart and gut.

Challenges are Opportunities (To Grow)

Embrace challenges - they are where you learn and grow. Always look for the next bigger challenge.

Get the Bascis Right

People often fail at the basics, not at the big challenges. Internalize how to do the basics right before you pick bigger battles. Train your inner COO and make them excellent. That's when the inner CEO can focus on the next big thing.


Life is too short to keep wondering 'what if?'. Have fun, understand that learnings are just as valuable as wins.

There Are No Shortcuts - Don't Try to Take Any

Don't try to cut the corners. Do things right the first time and you'll surpass everyone who's trying half-assed.

Failure is Where You Learn. Success Is What Allows You to Fail.

Embrace failures and cherish them for everything you learn. Make sure you win from time to time to be able to fail again.

Choose Your Sacrifices

Freedom always comes at a price. Find out where you want to be free and where you're willing to make sacrifices.

🛠 Getting Things Done

Keep It Simple (Stupid)

Focus on what's important. Keep the messaging to the point. Act with direction and purpose. Don't waste anyone's time.

Activity Leads to Activity

Getting started is the most crucial part. Don't procrastinate. Become active and feel how it multiplies inside you.

Help Yourself

Someone else's time is the most valuable resource. Use all other resources first and help yourself. Communicate your proposed solution if you're unsure - instead of asking for help.

What Can Be Automated, Should Be Automated

Anything that is done more than three times should be automated or defined as a process.

Think in Processes

When you encounter a new challenge or task, document how you solved it as a process. Always assume that something will happen again. Make sure you don't reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Progress over Process

Follow processes that exist but never let a process keep you from reaching a higher goal. Never use a process as an excuse for why something was not done (on time).

Don’t let any process get in the way of making progress. It’s important to always think of the greater good and take the necessary steps.

Always Take Notes

Assume that you forget everything. Take notes and make them searchable. Categorize and tag them. Check your notes when you meet the same person again.

Avoid Redundancy

Redundancy equals maintenance. Keep information in one place, the right place. Link to it from other places.

Write "Done" Instead of "Will Do"

Use asynchronous apps to your advantage. Don't create overhead. Pick up tasks and get them done. Think about whether or not a message has value.

The more difficult the decision, the more gut feeling should be considered.

The most basic decisions can be made with your head, everything else requires gut.

Always Process Tasks in Three Steps.
  • Ask yourself if you have all the information needed to work on a task. If not, get it.
  • Get the task done. If it won't be done on time, communicate.
  • Test / double check your work before submitting it. Don't waste other people's time to find mistakes that are easy to find.

🏁 Collaboration

Help Yourself

Don’t take focus and time away from your team if you can help yourself by googling or searching internal documents. Check all information that is already available to you.

If the specific case is not covered, look for guidelines and principles in our internal documents and suggest how you would apply them in this situation.

Help Others Help Themselves

When helping others in your team, always answer in general terms that give them guidance in similar (yet not exactly the same) situation. Where appropriate, add to our guidelines so that new cases are covered and only need to be discussed in person once.

Communicate Solutions Not Problems

If you encounter challenge - whether yours or someone else's - always communicate ideas for how to move forward. Instead of simply acknowledging the problem, always be part of the path to the solution.

Communicate Asynchronously as Much as Possible

If a meeting or call can be avoided, it should be. Meetings should not be used to transfer information - that should always happen in advance. Think twice before booking a meeting or call - whether it's internal or external.

You Cannot Communicate Too Much

If you learn that you will miss a deadline or anything else changes, let me know asap. Also, if you have any doubts whether you understood a task correctly, confirm any uncertainties with me.

Punctuality, Grammar & Precision Mean a Lot

Please review everything twice before you send it to me. Use a tool like Grammarly to check messages and documents before you send them to me for review.

Always Be on Time - Don't Waste Others Time

Plan for eventualities and make sure you're a couple minutes too early for most meetings.

Don't Ask What Google Can Answer

Don't use other people's time if what you are looking for has been documented or can be found with a 5min Google search.

👨‍🏫 Learning & Personal Growth

Smart People Learn from Their Mistakes. Wise People Learn from Others.

Make sure your learnings are unique and new. Use all the tools to learn from other's failures - books, podcasts, peer networks.

Embrace Feedback

Whether or not, you liked it, always say 'thank you for the feedback'. Understand that how you are perceived is just as important as how you are. Ask for feedback often and honestly.

Don't Fear The Unknown

Accept that new things can look complex at first. Go by first principles, run through examples before you try to understand every facette.

📣 Communication

Think Before You Write or Text

Think about the overhead your message will create. Make it as small as possible and as long as needed. Get to the point. Be clear.

Save Unnecessary Roundtrips

Think one step ahead when you text. Instead of asking 'Can we have a call?', suggest call times. Make it your goal to get end the conversation in as few steps as possible. Have coffee in real life.

Communicate Solutions, Not Problems

No two days will be the same. Welcome challenges when something unforeseen happens. See them as fun reminders to keep inventing. Keep your team updated on the challenges you’re facing but always communicate solutions.

Communicate Proactively, Early and Often

We work on our own and in a distributed setup. This works if you communicate often and openly. Make sure that losses and problems can be discussed quickly and wins and learnings can be celebrated and shared.

It's Better to Be Embarrassed for 5 seconds Rather Than For The Rest of Your Life

Own your mistakes. If you realize something wasn't communicated properly, fix it.

The more difficult the conversation, the more synchronous of a channel is required.

Good news can be shared via text, bad news are best delivered in person.

💶 Investments

If you are going to panic, panic early


  • Fixing things is the best way to complain
  • Negotiation: If it's 'either or' → it's always 'or'
  • Money doesn’t matter. Lack of Money matters.
  • “Life is much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to people and just do what works for you.”
  • Start something new after finishing the last thing
  • Fear is not a strategy
  • You can be up 1000% many times but 100% down only once
  • Don’t gloat about your victories (from Carl Icahn documentary)