👶 Life in General

Less is More
Pack Less. Experience More.
Act on What Matters
Be As Transparent As Possible (Without Hurting Anyone)
Deal with Reality
Go Big or Go Home
Fight or Let Go
Focus on Work-Life Alignment Instead of Work/Life Balance
Gut Feeling Beats Brains
Challenges are Opportunities (To Grow)
Get the Bascis Right
There Are No Shortcuts - Don't Try to Take Any
Failure is Where You Learn. Success Is What Allows You to Fail.
Choose Your Sacrifices

🛠 Getting Things Done

Keep It Simple (Stupid)
Activity Leads to Activity
Help Yourself
What Can Be Automated, Should Be Automated
Think in Processes
Progress over Process
Always Take Notes
Avoid Redundancy
Write "Done" Instead of "Will Do"
The more difficult the decision, the more gut feeling should be considered.
Always Process Tasks in Three Steps.

🏁 Collaboration

Help Yourself
Help Others Help Themselves
Communicate Solutions Not Problems
Communicate Asynchronously as Much as Possible
You Cannot Communicate Too Much
Punctuality, Grammar & Precision Mean a Lot
Always Be on Time - Don't Waste Others Time
Don't Ask What Google Can Answer

👨‍🏫 Learning & Personal Growth

Smart People Learn from Their Mistakes. Wise People Learn from Others.
Embrace Feedback
Don't Fear The Unknown

📣 Communication

Think Before You Write or Text
Save Unnecessary Roundtrips
Communicate Solutions, Not Problems
Communicate Proactively, Early and Often
It's Better to Be Embarrassed for 5 seconds Rather Than For The Rest of Your Life
The more difficult the conversation, the more synchronous of a channel is required.


  • Fixing things is the best way to complain
  • Negotiation: If it's 'either or' → it's always 'or'
  • Money doesn’t matter. Lack of Money matters.
  • “Life is much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to people and just do what works for you.”
  • Start something new after finishing the last thing