Vision & Mission


What drives me in life?

I believe that creating companies is the most sustainable way 🌱 for us to have a positive impact in the world. Even once we're gone, sustainable companies live on and continue to have a positive impact.

I was fortunate to go through the process of turning an idea into a company at an early age. After going through this process a few times in the last couple decades, I know first hand that it is a challenging and often painful process. Often it's hard to know where exactly to start and how to go from there.

That's why I've recently decided to scale my impact by focusing on supporting entrepreneurs on their journey from idea to company.

It's my vision to positively impact a lot of lives by helping entrepreneurs create impactful companies. It's my goal to deconstruct the process of how to turn an idea into a sustainable business. I'm on a mission to learn as much as possible about this process and share my learnings openly.

This is why I constantly re-invest in new ventures with my money, my time and my experience. My goal is to be as transparent as possible because I believe that it will allow us to collectively advance quicker.

I personally thrive on learning new things and meeting new people every single day. So much that I've decided to get rid of anything that distracts me from learning as much as possible - among other things I've given up on owning most physical belongings.


I felt that a lot of my previous possessions also owned me - they required my time and energy to be maintained and freeing myself from most things has freed up time and energy to be used towards my mission in life.

I believe that we grow the most when we expose ourselves to new environments frequently and challenge the status quo.

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